Business activities and key figures

Turnover in 2023 (M€)

Present in 6 countries (France, UK, Germany, Morocco, Switzerland and Belgium)


Talent as a Service is the French market leader for intermediation between companies and intellectual service providers. The partner of the extended enterprise, facilitates structured and reliable collaborations between private and public organisations and freelancers / innovative SMEs.

20 years of experience. has over 20 years of experience in managing outsourcing, talent acquisition and umbrella company arrangements, and verifying service provider compliance.

Our services 

Talent Acquisition

We match the needs of companies with the skills of freelancers / innovative SMEs.

Umbrella company arrangements

We sort out reliable umbrella company arrangements for companies and service providers.


We procure and verify the documentation of all our clients’ service providers.

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92044 Paris La Défense cedex FRANCE